In Pursuit of Excellence – ONERHT Foundation Charity Art Exhibition

ONERHT Foundation, together with our co-organisers Chui Huay Lim Club and Ee Hoe Hean Club, is pleased to present the In Pursuit of Excellence – ONERHT Foundation Charity Art Exhibition (in collaboration with Hong Kong Artists Mr Alfred Cheung and Mr Wong Wai Ho).

瑞信德与我们的协办方醉花林和怡和轩很高兴在此举办止於至善 – 瑞信德慈善书画展(和我们香港的艺术家張樹榮先生及黃偉豪先生合作)

Date 日期
6 – 8 February 2023  |  2023年2月6日到8日

Time 时间
10am to 6pm  |  上午10点到下午6点

Venue 地址
Heritage Hall at Level 4 Chui Huay Lim Club  |  Heritage Hall 醉花林俱乐部4楼
190 Keng Lee Road, Singapore 308409  |  新加坡庆利路门牌190  邮编308409

Free Admission 免费入场

This exhibition presents Chinese paintings and calligraphy artworks by Hong Kong artists, Mr Alfred Cheung and Mr Wong Wai Ho.


Mr Alfred Cheung is currently serving as the CEO of APTTPA Co., Ltd. and JC Food Republic Co., Ltd. As a hobby, Mr Cheung devotes himself to the study of Chinese painting art in his spare time. He started learning from Lingnan School renowned painter Rong Shu Shi from middle school, and acquired the know-how of lychee painting, landscape sketches, painting techniques of flowers, plants, birds and animals. He is especially good at painting plum blossoms. Mr Cheung is also appointed as a director of the Japan Hong Kong Society, consultant of the Japan Hong Kong Society in Tokyo. He has also been a special lecturer for the City University of Hong Kong, giving lectures on refrigeration logistics science and also a Fukuoka MICE ambassador. He is currently a consultant for Tsuruga port as well as marketing ambassador for Fukui Prefecture in Japan and as external advisor to HK Metropolitan University.

張樹榮先生目前担任香港阿巴久有限公司和慧仕食品联盟有限公司的行政总裁。张先生闲暇醉心研究绘画艺术,由中学时代开始师承岭南派画匠容漱石老师,传得荔枝画法,山水小品,及花草鸟獣意形技法,更特别擅长画梅花。形而意上,自成—派。张先 生亦获委仼为香港日本文化协会理事,日本香港协会顾问,他还曾担任香港城市大学为特约讲师,讲授冷冻物流科学,同时也曾是福岡市 MICE 大使。他目前是日本敦贺港的顾问,日本福井县的市场推广大使,以及香港都会大学的外部顾问。

Mr Wong Wai Ho is currently an Independent Non-Executive Director of Hong Kong listed companies i.e. Road King Infrastructure Limited (HK Stock Code: 1098) and Hang Chi Holdings Limited (HK Stock Code: 8405). He is also Chairman of Eminent EIS International Preschool and TransTEch Limited. Since young, Mr Wong has a strong interest in Chinese calligraphy. Over the years, Mr Wong has developed his own unique style and technique and his calligraphy artwork is highly appraised.

黃偉豪先生是香港上市公司路勁基建有限公司 (香港上市編號: 1098) 和恆智控股有限公司 (香港上市編號:8405) 的独立非执行董事。他也是艾蒙特國際幼稚園和昇驛科技有限公司的主席。黄先生从小就对中国书法有着浓厚的兴趣。多年来,黄先生形成了自己独特的风格和技巧,其书法作品广受好评。

Onsite admission to the exhibition is free, commencing from 10am until 6pm. We welcome all members of public to visit the exhibition and appreciate the Chinese painting and calligraphy artworks.


Silent Auction 无声拍卖

A silent auction of these artworks will take place from 6 to 8 February 2023. Successful bidders will be notified at a later date. Please feel free to contact Ms Jannie Loh or Ms Evelyn Tan to request for the catalogue and bidding form. The funds raised will be used to support three beneficiaries, namely, Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution, Ren Ci Hospital and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, in their efforts to promote health and wellness, and provide medical care to the disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our community.

这些艺术品的无声拍卖将于 2023年2月6日至8日举行。中标者将在之后收到通知。请随时通过下面的电子邮件或电话联系罗碹锦女士陈月清女士以请求目录和投标表格。本次筹集的资金将用于支持新加坡同济医院、仁慈医院和廣惠肇留医院,用于促进健康和保健,并为我们社区的弱势群体提供医疗服务。

On Display At Exhibition – Artworks from Xu BeiHong, Chen Wen Hsi, Wang Zhen/Wang YiTing and Lu Yanshao

In addition, various Chinese artworks by renowned artists Xu BeiHong (1895 – 1953), Chen Wen Hsi (1906 – 1991), Wang Zhen/Wang YiTing (1867 – 1938) and Lu Yanshao (1909 – 1993) will also be on display for public viewing at the exhibition. We would like to thank Mr Yeo Eng Koon for his kind support by lending us the artworks for our exhibition.

此外,著名艺术家徐悲鸿(1895 – 1953)、陈文希(1906 – 1991)、王震/王一亭(1867 – 1938)和陆俨少(1909 – 1993)的多幅中国艺术作品也将在展览中展出,供公众欣赏。我们非常感谢杨应群先生的大力支持,将作品借给我们展览

On Display At Exhibition – Artwork from Lee Hock Moh

Cultural Medallion Award winner Mr Lee Hock Moh (b. 1947) will also lend us one of his paintings for display at the exhibition. We are very thankful to Mr Lee for his generous support.

文化奖得主李福茂 先生(b.1947) 也将借出一幅他的作品 在展览会上展出。我们在此也十分感谢李先生的慷慨支持。
ONERHT Foundation, together with our co-organisers Chui Huay Lim Club and Ee Hoe Hean Club is also pleased to organize the In Pursuit of Excellence – ONERHT Foundation Charity Gala Dinner 2023 which will be held at 7pm on 8 February 2023 at Chui Huay Lim Club. For more details , please contact Ms Jannie Loh or Ms Evelyn Tan.

瑞信德与我们的协办方醉花林和怡和轩同时也很高兴于2023年2月8日晚上7点在醉花林俱乐部举办止於至善 – 瑞信德慈善晚宴2023。如需了解更多详情,请联系罗碹锦女士或陈月清女士。
Ms Jannie Loh  罗碹锦女士

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